Our Project "Photos For Knowledge"


We know that not all people have the freedom, or the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. Very often even the access to basic learning material can be a hindrance. Knowledge and access to education is a human right, but not a given, in many cases the infrastructure of a developing evironment doesn't allow the application of this right, especially to children, to satisfy their natural curiosity and need to learn.


That's why we have decided to use 7% of the annual earnings from the sale of our photos, to support and facilitate the learning opportunities in the rural areas of central and South America. Many of these regions are so far away from the cities, that can only be accessed by foot or special convoy through the forest.


We want to facilitate access to learning material to the people in these regions. But we prefer not to just give money to a Help Organization (NGO,NPO), instead, we will buy the material (learning books, encyclopedias, maps, language books, and writing material) and deliver it ourselves to the people we've already met and will meet in our travels.


We will document the handover of learning books and other useful material photographically, and later it will be published on this website.


We'd appreciate it if you buy our Photos for Knowledge and follow Timetravel-foto.de to see you contribution!


Thank you!


First Trip To Bolivia

In the first year of our project we travelled through Bolivia handing over learning material to children in rural areas: Titles including "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" , "Peter Pan" etc., dictionaries and language learning books for English and Italian, also pencils, crayons and paper for writing and drawing.

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries of the continent, there we met curious kids that were very eager to learn anything they could get their hands on, accepting our gifts with a big smile.


We are very much looking forward to our next trip and we hope to have  by then more to give.


Thank you so much for your contribution!